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Torah Bright

Born in 1986, Torah Jane Bright is a 33-year-old Australian professional snowboarder. She is Australia’s most successful snowboarder and her achievements speak for themselves. As Winter Olympian, former Olympic gold and silver medallist, two times X Games gold medallist. Other popular achievements show her as three-time US Open winner, two times Global Open Champion and three-time World Super-pipe Champion. The list is long and Bright has also received the honours such as former TTR World Champion and recipient of the Best Female Action Sports Athlete at the ESPY awards. Besides all, Bright is the first Olympic athlete who had qualified for all three events; half-pipe, slope-style and boarder-cross in the 2014 Olympics.

torah bright australian snowboarder with gold medal

Torah Bright’s Early years

Bright spent her childhood in Cooma, New South Wales and she attended Cooma North Public School. She started out as a downhill ski racer and made her Grand Prix debut in 2001. At the tender age of 14.

Bright’s career of snowboarding started when was runner-up for the World Cup title during the 2003–04 season. Bright participated at the 2005 World Championships in Whistler, Canada where she finished 30th overall. 

Torah Bright's Early years snowboarding

Further Career and medals

Participating at the Winter X Games in Aspen, Colorado, Bright earned a silver medal in 2006. Next year, she won a gold medal in the women’s superpipe event which made her the first Australian snowboarder to ever win gold at the Winter X Games, beating Winter Olympic medallists Gretchen Bleiler and Hannah Teter. His period was her moment of success when giving her back-to-back wins in two consecutive competitions. And in 2007, Bright finished the first, winning the gold at the Nissan X-Trail Nippon Open in the women’s halfpipe. Again, beating 2002 Olympic gold medallist Kelly Clark at the 2007 World Super Pipe Championships, Bright shined with the gold.

Bright during the 2010 Winter Olympics

In 2010, at the Winter Olympics at Vancouver, Bright was representing for Australia and she was chosen to carry the flag for Australia at the opening ceremonies. In that Olympic, though Bright was suffering two concussions beforehand in training, she was also qualified for the first place in the final of the women’s half-pipe. With some difficulties, Bright got a successful second run with a score of 45.0 after crashing out in her first run in the final. With that score and her performance, Bright became the fourth Australian to win a Winter Olympics gold medal. 

torah bright australia's most successful winter olympics athlete

Australia’s most successful winter Olympics athlete

In 2013, Bright participated at the Winter X Games XVII in Aspen, Colorado where she had to settle with finishing fourth, behind medallists Kelly Clark, Elena Hight, and Arielle Gold. 

Entering in slope-style, half-pipe, and boarder-cross, Bright competed at the Winter Olympics, Sochi and this time, she finished seventh with a score of 91.50 in the women’s half-pipe. She earned silver which was Australia’s first medal at the 2014 Winter Olympics. With this medal, Bright surpassed Alisa Camplin to become Australia’s most successful Winter Olympics athlete.

Torah has her own website if you wish to keep up with her Here

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Torah is no longer competing professionally but we have some video action of her for you next:


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