Nadja Purtschert Swiss Snowboarder

Nadja Purtschert is a female Swiss snowboarder who specialises in a halfpipe. She was born on 3rd September 1989 in Pfaffnau, Switzerland. Purtschert was the winner of the 2009 European Cup combined championship.

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Nadja Purtschert the Early years

Purtschert started snowboarding when she was seven. She persuaded her parents to hire a snowboard for her and when she got it, she loved the sport immediately. She would go to a mountain with her friends for a snowboard ride. Then, to learn snowboarding, she moved to the sports school in Davos. 

As Purtschert began snowboarding at a young age, her career also initiated early. Her first competition was the Burton European Junior Open where she ended up 2nd in halfpipe and 4th in slopestyle. It was a sound start in her snowboarding career and the scoring’s soon allowed Nadja to join the Swiss National Junior team. She competed and won the overall ranking of the FIS Europe Cup in the halfpipe. Also, with her patience and talent, Purtschert received some good results in the TTR and the FIS World Cup. These results gained her a place in the Swiss national team, And she started travelling the world for snowboarding.

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Career Debut and cup results

Purtschert debuted her snowboarding career in World Cup in November 2006 when she was 17. She was enjoying her snowboarding, doing competitions, travelling to different places and meeting new people. Her life was moving easy but there still lacked a remarkable success.  However with her skill, Nadja was able to win the 2009 European Cup combined championship representing Switzerland. This result was the most memorable sporting achievement until then. She also performed at halfpipe and slopestyle events at Bardonecchia in 2010–11 and finished her best 6th and 8th. Also competing at the World Championships where she found her best 15th finish in the 2011 halfpipe.

The journey continued and Purtschert went to compete at the World Snowboarding Championships in 2012, And she finished ninth in the Halfpipe. In 2013, nadja made her way to FIS World Championships where she placed 18th, Which was a dissapointment in comparison of her 2011 results.

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Broken bones

At the beginning of 2014, Nadja Purtschert fractured her right ankle and broke her nose, In that January during a training session. However, She still went on to compete, representing Switzerland at the 2014 Winter Olympics which was held in Sochi, Russia. In that Olympics, she finished 23rd in the qualifying round in halfpipe, But was unable to proceed further.

This 30 years old athlete still likes to compete and also loves to teach children. Showing signs of becoming a good coach in the future. People can take inspiration from nadja and we wish her all the best in the future.

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