Hot Surfing Girl – Anastasia Ashley

Personal details

  • Born – February 10th, 1987 – in San Clemente, Orange County, California, ( moving to Hawaii when only 5 years old )
  • Height – 1.73 metres ( 5′ 8″ )
  • Nickname – “Stasia” – middle name is Electra

hot surfer girl anastasia ashley in tiny swimsuit
Hot Surfing Girl Anastasia in tiny swimsuit

Early years

The story goes that Anastasia first began surfing at the tender age of 5. Apparently finding a thrown out board that had been discarded, Then at the age of 6 won a contest using the trash board ! At the ripe old age of seven she had persuaded a sponsor to replace it for a nice new one. Winning 200 events before aged 16 including the N.S.S.A national championships, it was then that she then went pro.

hot surfer girl beautiful bottom
Beautiful boarder’s bottom !

Professional Career

Her competition achievements speak for themselves, 10 years of amazing dedication to the sport rewarded her with some great results, And earning the respect that she deserved.

Competition results

2015– Women’s pipeline pro – 5th
2014– Super girl pro -13th 2013 – ‘Billabong’ XXL Big wave awards nominee for Overall performance
2013– 2nd Women’s Pipeline pro
– Red-bull Quiantang team Challenge- 3rd place
– 2nd place A.P.S.S Shoe city pro
2012– 3rd place Honda Pro
2011– 3rd place women’s Pipeline pro
2010– Women’s Pipeline pro Champion
2008– A.P.S.P.R Corona pro tour women’s champion
2007 -Women’s E.C.S.C women’s runner up
2005– ASP Triple crown rookie of the year

hot surfer girl anastasia on the beach
Looking beautiful as ever, On the beach

Post pro surfing news

As a result of her unparalleled good looks, this hot surfing girl, has undoubtedly been easily led to her engagement with the mainstream media outlets. G.Q magazine, Huffington post and many others have featured the hot beauty.

She has also not been a stranger to the television screens, similarly appearing on MTV, ESPN and FX to name a few.

hot surfer girl anastasia ashley in the pink

Anastasia has her own blog linked below:

“Stasia’s” Gallery below

Workout with Anastasia Ashley, video below .

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