Hot Female golfer – Sophie Horn

Early years

Hot female golfer Sophie was born in the UK, Spending her early years on the golf course, and as you would expect became pretty good at it. When she was only 15 years old she became champion in the under -21 category.

The Norfolk county championships became a firm favourite for her, A title she won three years on the bounce. Sophie also had success in the the English midlands winning the championship.

Hot Sophie Horn in lingerie


Probably the sexiest UK golfer ever, Sophie love’s to make light of the old stodgy attitude of golf, especially in the UK, Because of this she stated that golf needed to be a bit more risque, Saying “golf could do with a little bit of sexing up”. Sophie’s beauty has been flashed on and off the green’s.

Personal life and career

Sophie has been involved in numerous modelling and photo shoots, commentating on golf on Sky sports. The British and US troops in Afghanistan adopted her as a sweetheart for the forces.This no doubt kept their morale high as the communicated with her. The Ryder cup has been used for some of Sophie’s photo shoots and she has had various sponsorship deals over the years. Golf would be a much poorer sport if there were no hot female golfer’s like this.

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