Brandi Chastain – US soccer.

Personal details

  • Born – 21st July 1968 in Santa Clara, California
  • Height – 1.70 Metres ( 5ft 7in )
  • Nickname – Hollywood – because she loved the limelight and the big stages. We think she should be called “Brandi the bra”

 hot brandi chastain in sports bra

Early years

Brandi, first started playing at eight years old, for the boys team at Davis junior high ( there were no girls team to play for at that time )

In her college years she played for the California Golden bears at Berkeley university of California scoring 15 goals as a freshman, unfortunately after that she had surgery for a ACL injury and this caused her to miss the next two seasons.

In 1989 she joined the Santa Clara Bronco’s and achieved great success in the next seasons with goal scoring records and ISAA player of the year award.

infamous sports bra pose brandi chastain hottie us soccer player
Infamous sports bra shot of Brandi Chastain

Professional Career

Her international career was extraordinary with 192 appearances and caps, Brandi’s first international goal was in 1991, She was part of the first women’s world cup in the same year and they won the title, She played in the 1996 summer Olympic’s and again they won the gold medal, in 1999 they again won the FIFA women’s world cup and this is the moment where Brandi became notorious for ripping off her shirt, and showing her sports bra to the world after scoring the winning penalty kick, One of the most famous women’s sports moments ever, and one which resulted in Brandi having a statue built for her ! Although shortly after the rules were changed to make this a carded offence. She is truly a Hot sports female legend, and one of the hottest US athlete’s of all time.

1993Shiroki FC Serena
2001–2003San jose CyberRays527
2009FC Gold Pride
2010Cailifornia storm
National team
1988–2004United States19230

Post career news

After the 1999 world cup Brandi gained more fame by appearing in sports illustrated as well as many other publications around the world.
Chastain also wrote a book about her playing exploits in 2005.
She also got endorsements from Nike, was a spokesperson for vitamin products from Pfizer, and appeared in quite a few television advertisements including Gatorade and Bud Light.
Her work also included commentating for NBC sports at the summer olympics and ABC/ESPN where she broadcast for MLS matches and also the 2011 FIFA women’s world cup.

Profile in social media

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