Beautiful Victoria Vergara, Amazing Surfer babe and Model.

Victoria Vergara is a surfing stunner from French Reunion Island

Reunion island is a paradise in the middle of the Indian ocean. Victoria describes it as heaven, With white sand beaches and azure blue ocean, Waterfalls and mountains, The island sounds as Beautiful as the surfer babe Victoria Vergara herself.

beautiful victoria vergara splashing the camera

Victoria’s early years

The first time Victoria was on a board she was 4 years old, Apparently learning to swim before she could toddle ! The interest obviously came from her parents, A passion they all shared equally. Finding a love for the ocean at such a young age, There was no doubt her enthusiasm for the sport would turn into a professional career at aged 15.

victoria vergara topless in the jungle

Keeping that beautiful body fit.

Because of her passion for keeping fit and eating healthily, Victoria keeps her body in pristine condition.

Eating whatever she wants to, But making sure it is a healthy diet. Understanding the vitamins and nutrition in her food is very important, The surf babe no longer drinks milk or indulges on red meat.

Being active clearly improves the tone and fitness of this beautiful body, As well as drinking plenty of water.

victoria vergara topless model and hottest surfer

Victoria Vergara the Model

Being involved from Modelling at the age of 16 has given Victoria a lot of pleasure. Mixing work (surfing) and pleasure together is a dream, Including the chance to travel, meet people and keep healthy and smiling sounds just perfect.

Vergara has worked as a spokesmodel for several surfing brands such as Reef and Roxy. She posted a photo of Brad Pitt to her Instagram account in May 2016, showing her association with Brad. In early 2017, Pacific Long boarder Magazine approached Vergara to appear on the cover of the magazine.Her editorials also include Vogue which was in June 2019.

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Sexy Surf Girl and Hot Sports Female

stunning victoria vergara black bikini at beach

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