Alexa Scimeca Knierim – Figure Skater

Born in 1991, Alexa Scimeca Knierim is an American pair and figure skater. Along with Chris Knierim who is her former skating partner and husband, she is a three-time Grand Prix medallist and a three-time U.S. national champion.

alexa scimeca knierem with husband Chris

Gold medals and more

Scimeca attended College of DuPage and Pikes Peak Community College and began skating in 1998. She teamed up with Chris Knierim in 2012, And the pair won the gold medal in their first international event, the 2012 Coupe Internationale de Nice in October. Next, the pair continued winning the silver medal at the 2013 US Championships and the pewter medal at the 2014 US Championships. With that, Scimeca/Knierim was qualified to the 2014 Winter Olympic team and also they then won the bronze medal at the 2014 Four Continents Championships. The winning journey continued and the pair of Scimeca and Knierim won the gold medal in their first ISU Challenger series event, the 2014 US International Classic. In the same year, they won the bronze medal at 2014 Nebelhorn Trophy.

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Highest scores ever recorded by a U.S. pair team

It was the 2015 U.S. Championships where Scimeca / Knierim showed their prominence and captured their first national title. The couple began their season at the 2015 Nebelhorn Trophy and Skate America where they won the silver medal in both competitions. The following week, they won the gold medal at the 2015 Ice Challenge in Graz, Austria. Then they went on to win the bronze medal at 2015 NHK Trophy which helped them qualify for the 2015–16 Grand Prix Final in Barcelona and won the first Grand Prix medal.

At the 2016 Four Continents Championships, Scimeca / Knierim won the silver medal setting personal best scores of 140.35 in the free skate and 207.96 total, which are the highest scores ever recorded by a U.S. pair team in international competition. 

scimeca / knierem

Further medals

The Knierims participated at the 2017 US International Classic and won the silver medal. Also, they won their second National title with a score of 206.60 at the 2018 U.S. Championships and became one of the pairs in the world capable of doing a quad twist. Following the event, at the 2018 Winter Olympics, the Knierims won an Olympic bronze medal in the figure skating team event and it was a remarkable point of the journey. They placed 4th in the free skate and their total score was the highest of their season. Along with that in the free skate, the Knierims became the first U.S. pair, and the second pair ever in history, to perform a quad twist successfully at the Olympics.

Weeks later, the pair competed at the 2018 World Championships and they finished 15th overall to become the only U.S. pair to qualify for the free skate. In 2018, again they earned the silver medal at the 2018 Nebelhorn Trophy and the bronze medal at their second Grand Prix event. At the beginning of 2020, the Knierims won their third national title with a score of 216.15 at the 2020 US Championships. Also, the pair earned their third Grand Prix placing seventh overall.

alexa scimeca knierem thrown in air

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Gallery photo’s of gold winners Alexa and husband Chris Knierem

Alexa SCIMECA KNIERIM / Chris KNIERIM USA Free Skate 2019 Nebelhorn Trophy on youtube here:

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